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Lời Bài Hát Zoning

Lời Bài Hát Zoning

Cùng LoibaihatAZ chia sẻ Lời Bài Hát Zoning:

Hook 1:

You can find me (yeah)
Blowing mad trees (what)
Screamin screw b (what what what)0
All day (screwball motherfuckers)
Little mami’s (what what)
Countin my money
About to have this orgy
Screwball don’t play (yeah, screwball don’t play motherfuckers)

Hook 2:

Jump offs on my nuts like ?clothes?
But im’a qb hustler, i don’t love you hoes
Jump offs on my nuts like ?clothes?
But im’a qb hustler, i don’t love you hoes

Yeah, get the two g pimp shit
Cane and limp shit, lobster and shrimp shit
Mariott, five banging bitches on some big shit
Piggity, he got the card key, kl got the bacardi
Hostyle in the room he already got it poppin
Gettin head from two bitches
They heard the door but they ain’t stoppin
Smacked the bitches with a bag of phillies
Hoes you heard me knockin
I proceed to unbutton my shit, and light my l
Shorty with the thong as fat as hell

Now check the stiggity, jump offs get jack shiggity
Big black piggity totin’ the mack miggity
Bitch you must be kiddin me
All you gon’ get is some big fat diggity
All up in ya big black viggity
Unitl you feel that shit up in yo’ kidney
Rippin it, like i’m jack the rip-riggity

Hook 3:

Aiyyo, we zoned out, in new york we boned out
Without throwin out, you hlodin out (no doubt)
We goin out (how we go out?)
The cash route, the weed ain’t free but the pussy on the house

Hook 1, with variations in background

If i say jump chick you ask "how high?"
‘cuz i can meet a senorita on the prowl or not
Its foul, but take a lie
Every kiss is like medicine to hear you whine
I’m pullin off with benjamins
Don’t be dancin on the brass bed
Anotha bumb in the closet
Or are you stitchin with a fat head
I can’t front though, trump tight, rump was right yo
??? gave me clostrophobia from this tight hole
Blowin up the taste buds with milk duds
Flinchin like a snitch when my dick does
You know you was, two chicks on my dick
Two birds with one stone
And a love song with ???
Straight up, my man’s telling me

Hook 3

Hook 1, with variations

We got the ‘dro and the henny low
Bunch’a freaks lettin go
In the limo jettin on the grand centro’
Tryin to guess the plane, gettin brain
Its all in the game
Screwball, we entertain niggas
Same niggas, thugged out with the hoes
So we could all jump off, bag somemo’ at the next show
Honies love my stee-lo, i dig egos
Any dick up on the first night, feed ’em forced info
Then breeze on ’em yo

We pumpin rap at’choo
While the camcorder captured me going at’cha
Been hard since i came up to ya job to snatch ya
Now my jism out, the henny gonna put the ism out
Anybody got a nut? (yeah yeah)
Put those bitches out

Hook 3

Hook 1

Hook 2

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