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Who Names The Hurricanes

Lời Bài Hát Who Names The Hurricanes

Lời Bài Hát Who Names The Hurricanes

Cùng LoibaihatAZ chia sẻ Lời Bài Hát Who Names The Hurricanes:

Wongo songo/bmi/

All along the lighthouse reef
The turmoil sweeps in the soil and weeps its beef
With a lack of warning–hey you
Can’t you read the signs
Cartwheeling reams of trees
They sound their dreams as they whistle by

This weather uncaged–destroy
Mother of troy an ancient god
Descends upon the land
And backhands the once serene

Sound their dreams as they whistle by

She’s all the rage
Who names the hurricanes

Who mops up the sea and rings out
The devil in a torn dress
What will they name her
What will she call him
Whirlwind of a woman–this defiant one
Who knows no sympathy for the weak
She turns her other cheek

To my feeble plea
And my destiny

She’s all the rage
Who names the hurricanes

Call it catherine
Dash with a flash in the pan
Or constance
With hell bent fury on man
Try david
He’s a classic machismo

Gail suits a catastrophic swipe of a steel brush
She writes history and leaves no mystery
As the wane moon unfolds and spills the hearts of a
Thousand beaus on ones who came before

Who comes from a dead hot fog
Straight outta hermuda
Like a colossal electric shaver
Clipping a billion trees
Transporting exotic birds to unfamiliar surrounds
You resign to read the signs
Up go the dread red flags
Who’s to blame
What’s in a name

She’s all the rage
Who names the hurricanes

What’s in a name and who’s to blame
You can’t resist these winds of fame
Dub it diana–eye at the quiet core and more
Jeannie–a soft warm breeze ’til she sneeze
Unearthing eva–you musta believa
Hunkraven hannah–has spumed yo face
Alexandria–black browed savage grace
Shirley burley bannana fanna fo fury
Roxanne–the gusty tramp turns the sun into a sickly orb
I’m amped!
Madeline’s the name they call the torrents of rain
That maul my brain–she’s insane!
Cyclone gladys–the goddess oh so maddess
Typhoon june’s the tag they put on a force
Such as this
Who would name a storm bruce
Only one whose ass is lose
Calling camille–her howling hazards of late ravage
The ground like an atom bomb
Hugo–you go boy!
Hurricane roy-oy oy!
Big bertha–have mertha

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