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Star Wars

Lời Bài Hát Star Wars

Lời Bài Hát Star Wars

Cùng LoibaihatAZ chia sẻ Lời Bài Hát Star Wars:

Verse 1
Yea, yea, yo, yea, yea, for niggaz up in there moms crib, listening
to this un adultrarated Nas shit wishing it was them instead of me
on this track on this beach wit palm trees, drinks with umbrella straws
telling it raw. Jungle of concrete killas and snakes i was amongst that,
bundles of crack threw this funnel thats black, i want you to vision
threw my telescope, see the hell i wrote, it’s rentals when i rap it like
a envolope package, and they was into dope back then. Numbers
pimpin and robbing well they still robbing and pimping.But it’s small
change compared to hip hopin and, did i mention millions because of
lit popin, trips, expensive gift shopping ???? Benz, Jeeps, see them
and they bitch got one. Its shockin, you saying no its just ryhming but
all this time it’s like organize crime and, for instance there was a time
where there was a line between streets and business, but now peep how
it’s mixed in, the beef is now sicknin. Everybody got paper words are
power, because of it the cops hate ya. The Goverment wacthing all of
those who thuging it, they want to lock us up cause the kids are loving
it. Not knowing that most rappers are straight ass and shots rang out
whenever we clash. It’s star wars. (star wars)echoed

we call it star wars, what happens when
the shots rang out it’s called star wars.
we call it star wars.

Verse 2
Caviar never i rather the cajun blackened, catfish no snails simple nigga
to please. Met a bad bitch, dimples in her cheek, she remembers busy
beat battles when it was peace. Caught myself drifting in thought, cause
now its different i thought, niggaz was raised off the shit i record. like i was
brought up off that planet rock, Curtis Blow, James Tarr Smith, Shanen Scott
la rock and the jams why would they fuck wit the dawn. Jehovah witness, he
and his co-defendants i eat dem like lucky charms, wit two percent low fat
milk five percent pro blsck built. It’s nothin mother had a mother fuck em,
i don’t think about it, niggaz talking there’s alot of gossip, that i’m a prohet
or i can’t go back to my projects. Can i does a plant grow from a pot yes, do
trees grow in a forest, MCs yall a Clitoris. Yall niggaz roll with any click that’s
runnin any crew doing whatevers trendy, even evy me too. Ain’t enough room
in this town, what is beef between ghetto word spiters wit crowns this is star
(Star wars, star wars star wars) fading
this is the star wars, shots rang out
everywhere star wars cause this is
(star wars) fading dddshots rang out.

Verse 3

This ain’t no Oscars or Mtv, a Jones River fashion police, not what you read in
tabloid seats. This are Mc’s that live out of cold, it’s hard for me to spit it,
cause the game was suppose to be sold we live it. Came from the streets we
da voice of the youth, Americas nightmare was given a mic booth, nike boots
leathers and jean jury cribs and cars, rappers not depending on ya 9-5 jobs
Entertainment this is our world, this is our language, different regions speakin
East and West gang shit. You got ya positive shit like Common Sense but
even he had drama wit da Donmega Cube. Acknolegde the words get twisted
at time it’s rules, what you think it’s different from the block whenever we fuse.
Fuck your pictures and your placks ya tours and autographs. Don’t trust bitches
and niggaz who tell you you all of that, cause they be in your enemys face,
saying it’s safe to run in your release party and spray up the place, And catch
you when you least on point, putting ya keys in the door, behind you with your
seeds at KB toys store. Maybe the words get disrespectful now ya niggaz check
you gonna let that nigga play you you know we gone to rep you. Next morning
every news channel and front page headlines a notha rapper was slade this is
(star wars)echoed.

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