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She Came and She Touched Me

Lời Bài Hát She Came and She Touched Me

Lời Bài Hát She Came and She Touched Me

Cùng LoibaihatAZ chia sẻ Lời Bài Hát She Came and She Touched Me:

Well she came and she touched me
With hands made of heaven
Reflections sent spinning
Through a face laced in mist

Now I stand where she left me
Buried deep ‘neath her shadows
and the mirror plead sadly
"Has it all come to this?"
And I wonder
Will she call
My naaaame?

Well the wind careens madly
Through wide windows paneless
And frangrances mingle
In a room full of shade

And all the peons pick partners
And waltz cross the ceilings
But the violins whisper
That I’ve been betrayed
Awe trying
Not to look

And the drunkards drink deeply
From cups full of nothingness
And ghost lovers laugh
At the games that they play

And the moments do sommersaults
Into eternity
And cling to their coattails
And beg them to stay
I got nothing
To Hiiiide

Well illusions projected
On walls made of tiffany
And mad minuets
To a sad satin song

And harlequin mandolins
Harmonize helplessly
Hoping that endlessly
Won’t last for long
That their gods
Ain’t dyyyying

Then I turn and I see her
In a dress made of moonlight
Teardrops like diamonds
Run slow down her face

And her arms they surround me
Like chains made of velvet
And demons fall faithfully
Into their place
And the river
With jeeeewels

Now the morning lies open
The night went quite quickly
And memory harmlessly
Fractures and fades

And all the poets do pushups
On carpets of rubber foam
And loudly they laugh
At some joke that’s been made
And the wisemen
Like Fooools

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