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Lời Bài Hát Never

Lời Bài Hát Never

Cùng LoibaihatAZ chia sẻ Lời Bài Hát Never:

Master p talking; oh yeah a wise man once told me never bring a
Motherfucking knife to a gunfight. ha bra if you do you might lose your
Motherfucking life nigga. never snitch on your homies, and never tell a
Bitch where your stash at.

Chorus repeat 4x

[master p]
Never take knife to a gunfight
You on enemy lines we gotta ride tonight

[baby solider]
I’m baby soilder
I done told ya
I’m taking over
I’m getting colder
I’m putting 20’s on a rover
Money spending windows tinted
My cousin c told me if it ain’t tru i can’t get up in it
We on the rise we got the shine
Where y’all stay broke niggas slang nickels and dimes
We outstand it, we should’ve planned it
Moving birds everyday niggas we taking chances,we taking chances

Chorus repeat 4x

First of all i got my niner, she’s my body breeder
And every time that i squeeze she screams like anita
That’s why i keep her to my motherfucking waist line
In case one of you niggas try and take mines, thugged out
And i’m leaving your set with my guns out
And it ain’t no love know
I’ma about bust your your shit and watch you drown
And your heart stop
And know you feel the pain coming from my glock
And that’s what you get for trying to hit my motherfucing block

Chorus repeat 2x

Y’all niggas got the game fucked up trying to beef with me
I’m reginelli i’m more deadly than the hiv
And for all them niggas that oppose me you better bring help
I’m like pork chops and pork and beans i’m bad for your health
This niggas a devil
The fatal thought sank in my mind
I’m so fucked up i don’t if i’m living or dying
I got gun you got a knife
You living good i’m living trife
We on enemy lines so i’ma ride tonight

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