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Freak Momma

Lời Bài Hát Freak Momma

Lời Bài Hát Freak Momma

Cùng LoibaihatAZ chia sẻ Lời Bài Hát Freak Momma:

The mack is back
Sweeping up snack packs
Still slinging that game on the rock track
Feeling this bank and it don’t stop, no
Here we go again setting up shop, yep
Looking for a thing with a nice hips
Gotta have a set of them thick lips
When it comes to sex i want a freak no lease with a baby got back teets
It’s on, why not get it on tape, son?
Here i come with another one
I wanna put you in the mud, honey
Spittin’ out of them guts like it ain’t funny
Yep, yep, yep, beat it by the king pimp
Call mix if you wanna peep game simp
Freak daddy if you wanna get nasty, call freak momma fast g, fast g, fast g

Freak momma
Freak momma
(freak) yo
Freak momma

Slow this on down, y’all
Bring it back

Verse two, to the mack it ain’t never through
Oh, nasty rapper want to give it to
You can dance on that table and play that stipper role and make love on the console
She ain’t nothing nice
Undercover vice done picked her up twice
She ain’t no ho though, think you don’t know though, she’ll put you on the floor and then oh, no
Wine, wine, wine, sexy dancer, no need to romance ya’
I just want to tap that bird, so heed the word ya’ just heard
We cuss and fuss and kick up much dust, but you know, rap stars, you can trust us
Ain’t no sense in throwing no drag or drama
Come on baby, give me that freak momma, freak momma

Ah, ha
Freak momma
Yeah, (freak) yeah
Freak momma
It’s the only happening thing, yeah
Freak momma

Mister bridget wants to get ya’
Take a few nasty pictures, and then flip ya’, kiss ya’, stick ya’ in make-up
Baby i just wanna get with ya’
Loving these type of lyrics
And baby i was raised on prince, not crack, so i gotta let you hear it
I can’t help myself, i love sexy and controversy
Invasion of the rump snatcher
Got much stabs, so you know i’ll catch ya’
So don’t try to break, cause i come off straight, and other rappers try to come off cake, and their minds are stuck on me, and i’m stuck on you
And step on me, and i’ll step on you
I ain’t thinking about a man when i come through
We can peel out on these yokohamas
Just me and my freak momma, freak momma

Freak momma
Freak momma
Let’s see if i can do some of that mudhoney vocals
(feak) ah, ha ha
Freak momma
Just lost my street credibility, y’all
Ha ha ha ha
Freaky, come on

This song has been banned by the fcc

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