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Don’t Hurt Yourself

Lời Bài Hát Don't Hurt Yourself

Lời Bài Hát Don’t Hurt Yourself

Cùng LoibaihatAZ chia sẻ Lời Bài Hát Don’t Hurt Yourself:

I’ve done some bad things
This i know
If i can’t change things
Tell me so
It does no good to break your toe on the wall
I know you’re angry
That’s all right
I said i don’t care
Well, i lied
But i don’t care who wins the fight after all
As long as you don’t hurt yourself
Don’t hurt yourself
It’s bad enough
Don’t hurt yourself
I wouldn’t want to see you make
Trouble for yourself over
My mistake
That’s all i’m asking so
Don’t hurt yourself
Don’t hurt yourself
I don’t want to see you hurt
Hurt a single second for me
You burn your bridges
When you’re cross
There’s nothing left when
You cool off
You can’t go back so
Now you’re lost like a rolling stone
It seems like trouble
So you hide
You keep it bottled up inside
’til its too late and
You end up crying alone
And there you go

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