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Do It Like A G.o.

Lời Bài Hát Do It Like A G.o.

Lời Bài Hát Do It Like A G.o.

Cùng LoibaihatAZ chia sẻ Lời Bài Hát Do It Like A G.o.:

Department chrone master speaking.
Yo "d" what’s up?
Just chillin’ man what’s up?
Give ’em geto boys a ring.
Hold ’em down.

Geto boys.
What’s up "g"?
Yeah man i’ve got willie "d" on the other end.
What’s up will?
What’s up man? what’s up fellas?

Say fellas. i’ve been kicking a few lyrics in the back of my mind man
And i’m tired of motherfuckers disrespecting us because we’re black owned
And won’t sell out. so check this out. we need to get together and go to
That other level of the game and do it like a g.o.

Say no more, cuzz we’re on the telephone.
We get them motherfuckers man.

I’m back like a rebel making trouble,
I’m an assassin,
Kickin’ ass on the double,
No motherfucker alive is gonna stop me,
So fuck you and your god-damn posse.

It’s time to step on some motherfuckin’ toes,
[naaah dee],
Man fuck them hoes.

The east coast ain’t playin’ our songs,
I want to know what the hell’s goin’ on,
Give me my card–radio sucker,
I’ll kick your ass,
And take the motherfucker,
Everybody know new york is where it began,
So let the ego-shit end.

Black radio is being disowned,
Not by the other race–but its own,
A lot of bullshit records make hits,
Because the radio is all about politics,
Action is my identity,
Whoever you be,
[don’t don’t don’t fuck with me!],
My last go,
The radio struck me with a low blow,
Now i’m doin` it like a g.o.

Everybody’s coming with guns,
Niggaz gettin’ pimped by columbians,
They put ’em on the streets like a bitch,
Nigga’s slangin’,
But the puerto rican gettin’ rich,
I never sold the mess,
But if i did,
It would be,
For my goddamn self,
Can you adjust to the wholesale bust,
Bushwick tell these motherfuckers what’s up.

When will you stupid motherfuckers learn,
In this game one way or another you get burned.
You end up behind bars,
Or lying on your back in a motherfuckin’ morgue,
And your gal’l find another nigger,
’cause the [unknown word] bitch ain’t nothin’ but a gold digger,
I’ll fuck her but my money is a "no-no!",
I’m a hoe so i do it like a g.o.

Fucked up politics,
Those tie wearin’ bitches,
Can suck my dick,
They try to ban my style of teaching,
But freedom of speech,
Allow me to keep speaking to the people,
About shit like racism,
It’s deep into the heart of the school system,
Whites get more funds from the state,
And this is why minorities learn so late,
Some of us make it to college,
And take a test to the highest degree,
With limited knowledge,
Most of us won’t pass the bitch,
And those whiten ass motherfuckers know this,
I’m not malcolm x or farrakhan,
After this one,
I guess i’ll have to pack a gun,
So if you want to fuck with this brother,
You better be ready motherfucker,
Or you gonna have to g.o.

Willie d is not a bigot and he won’t be,
I just educate minds to reality,
This ain’t no mutherfuckin back to africa,
Try to pull that shit,
We’ll have a massacre,
Our sisters were killed at will,
Bought and sold like a used automobile,
We forced a back to exist,
Now we’re killing one another,
Ain’t that a bitch.

Ready red comin’ at ya,
Holding my ground like a motherfuckin’ statue,
You take nothin’ from me so stop trippin’,
Unless you want to take a mutherfuckin ass whippin’,
Motherfuck the kkk,
Wearing dresses and shit,
What the fuck is they gay,
A color blind society will never be,
Unless we agree,
To do it like a g.o.


Hey j this is the president of white-owned records. we see you still
Survivin’ but we want to ask you to keep your boys quiet. if you don’t we
Will. or here’s another alternative. we take 95% of your company and you
Take five and we’ll make you famous within ten years. it would take you a
Lifetime by yourself because you know your people don’t stick together. what
You say about that boy?

Man fuck you.

I would advise you not to talk to me like that boy! just who the hell you
Think you are anyway?

I’m a livin’ motherfuckin g. i ain’t to be fucked with.
If you want to go to war. i take you to war.

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