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Lời Bài Hát Darlene

Lời Bài Hát Darlene

Cùng LoibaihatAZ chia sẻ Lời Bài Hát Darlene:

oooh, yeah
Darlene, oooh Darlene, oooh Darlene,
oooh yeah!
Darlene, oh oh Darlene, oh oh Darlene
oooh Come on baby give me some

When I see you at that dance with your tight dress on
Whatcha got it sure is fine
I wanna get me some

Darlene, woooh baby baby Darlene, oooh be my baby Darlene,
ooh, come on baby… be my baby

Darlene, ooh, Darlene, hey! hey! Darlene, oh oh
Come back and be my sweet little girl
When I see you on the street, it makes my heart go flitter
I see you walkin with all those guys
It makes me feel so sick

And I don’t care what people say
And I don’t care what they do
Sweet child I gotta make you mine
You’re the only thing that I want: You!
Baby Baby when you walk down the block,
See the people (????)
Woooh! Child! Oh ya drive me wild!
I gotta do it really gonna try

Oh baby, I got my car
I’ll take you as far
I’m gonna take you every place
I’m gonna boogie-woogie-woogie-woogie that’s fine

I’m gonna prove it, Darlene
I’m gonna make ya my girl
I’m gonna boogie, Darlene
I’m gonna send ya in another world

Cause I love Darlene, I gotta love ‘er, Yes I do
I’ve been savin all my money
I’ve been workin all day long
I gotta give it all back to you!

Oh! But I love Darlene!
Yes I love her, yes I do!
I’ve been workin too,
I’ve been workin’ every day
I’ve been drivin’, gotta get home to you

And I love you, Darlene
Yes I love you, I do
I got a pink carnation and a pickup truck
I saved it baby all for you!
Oh I love you!

Oh yeah!

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