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Curse Of The Damned Cities

Lời Bài Hát Curse Of The Damned Cities

Lời Bài Hát Curse Of The Damned Cities

Cùng LoibaihatAZ chia sẻ Lời Bài Hát Curse Of The Damned Cities:

Hades on the Earth
Condemned cities
From evil populations
Violence, fatal crimes
Chaos will lead us to destruction

The streets lost it’s freedom to be crossed
Imprisonment at any time
When darkness takes it’s proper place
Fear closing in
When the scenes terrorize honest citizens
Disgust multiples
Serious acts committed every day

Fighting to survive in this labyrinth
Of stone and steel
Always unaware when and where
The assault can actually occur

Curse of the damned cities
Crucial habitats
Following the way of criminal instincts
Curse of the damned cities
Unrighteous dwelling
Decaying towards it’s uncontrollable destiny

Dreams of a civilization
Of peace and harmony lies far away
Are you alone in this fight
To correct those corrupted societies

Justice is a word that is fading real fast
Guilty running free as the victims are suffering
From the fact that there is no escape
Feeling that their securities not strong enough yet
Thefts, rapes, murders growing to a numerous rate
We never seem to learn that this is an endless war
Is the economy provoking it
Or is it just the ignorant side of a human being
Evil suppress intermittenly every line
Haunting frequently
The streets are the battlefield
To those individual warriors
Where each other in a conventional war
Mandatory action of survival

[Repeat chorus]

Brutality growing, it never stops
For centuries it seems to be getting worse
Harshly tumultuous mobs
Is home a safe place
If now the danger is spreading across the land
Like an epidemic without any cure
We will never learn from our mistakes

The more we stop, the more will emerge
The experiences are the lesson to make us fear

[Repeat chorus]

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