Cái gọi là duyên phận, chính là trong ngàn vạn người gặp được người cần gặp là anh/em, trong ngàn vạn năm, giữa mênh mông hoang hoải vô tận của thời gian, không sớm một bước cũng không muộn một bước.

Children And Dogs

Lời Bài Hát Children And Dogs

Lời Bài Hát Children And Dogs

Cùng LoibaihatAZ chia sẻ Lời Bài Hát Children And Dogs:

pre>intro: (a) b a e e a a (to get to the first b)

B a b a
She said she just wanted a friend and then she’d be good
B a b a
Something to play with now again and give lots of food
C#m a b c#m
We’ve got a yard that’s big enough she says he’s like a dream
A e b a b
But they’ve got us running round in circles like a pair of clowns it seems

E a e a
Children and dogs will always win everyone knows that
E a e a
I won’t work with either one again it’s not in our contract
E a (another a first time, 2nd time rpt last line))
Children and dogs

Now i’m outside freezing to death just walking the dog
Instead of throwing myself at my wife i’m throwing a log
We haven’t slept for two nights he howls out at the moon
The kid says sometimes he bites can you bring a bunny rabbit home soon

A b
Make you trip over your ankles do all kinds of things that rankle
A b e
Make you wanna go and drink a tankful and remember when you were single

Instrumental chorus including "children and dogs"

C#m a b c#m
The bedroom’s got two carpets and one sticks to your clothes
A e a b
Let’s take a photo of all of us fixed grins in a family pose

Chorus key change up 2 semitones (f# b ) /pre>

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