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Bark Like U Want It

Lời Bài Hát Bark Like U Want It

Lời Bài Hát Bark Like U Want It

Cùng LoibaihatAZ chia sẻ Lời Bài Hát Bark Like U Want It:

1- {woof!} (bark like you want it)
{woof!} (bark like you want it baby)

Big man is back, oh no, it’s a brand new flow
Lettin you jakes and females know
Ain’t a damn thing changed and i still got dough
Still gettin watched by po-po
You know what a flow like, never grab a ol’ mic
Never been down wit the slow life
Baby i’m a low life lookin for the right type
To get it goin on for the whole night
King of the backside, look at my rep
One of these west coast vet[eran]s
Known to lay bone and make miniskirts moan
Young hotty got me sittin like stone {mmmm}
So i’m at the magic city
So many freaks in one spot; i’m dizzy
I’m a playa so you know i wanna play
It ain’t nuthin like the city black-lanta ga!
Now i start lookin through the mist
Swangin my game like this
Wassup wit the table poppin
Fine, 5’9", and i’m jockin
But the girl won’t dance
And i pinch me a 10, bout to wet my pants
She got body fo days, but the girl won’t flaunt it
(you betta bark like you want it!)

Repeat 1

2- {woof!} (bark like) {we want it!}
{woof!} (bark like you want it baby)

Bow wow, bow wow, gimme my dog chow
Put me on a leash or else i’m gonna have to snap now
Humpin yo leg, this doggy don’t beg
Got a tight rubber cap on my head
So check this game when i’m comin through the hood
Swingin round blocks but i don’t sell goods
Mad brothas mean mug cause they wish they would
Get a fine thang like i could
You bought a 6-4 wit the 3-wheel mo’
Got no females in ya passenger door
You wanna playa hate cause you just don’t know
Bout the fast track makin yo hoe go
(damn baby, why don’t you let me ride wit ‘chu?) here i go again
Done took yo girl cause i don’t like men
Got to the crib, romance don’t phase me
Pulled to the house playin (freak me baby)
Video check 1-2 1-2
Me and baby girl’s bout to get loose
And just when i thought i could palm it …
(you betta drop to yo knees and bark like you want it!)

{woof! we want it!}
(meow, come and get it baby)

Repeat 1, 2

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