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Won’t Ez Up Tonight

Lời Bài Hát Won't Ez Up Tonight

Lời Bài Hát Won’t Ez Up Tonight

Cùng LoibaihatAZ chia sẻ Lời Bài Hát Won’t Ez Up Tonight:

Krayzie bone:thug mentality 1999

Scandalous, scandalous, scandalous, scandalous…
Niggas on the street don’t sleep until we eat/ we won’t ease up tonight…
Even if he knows we gotta pop ’em for the profit, we drop ’em/ they know they
Gotta die, die, die
(murda mo, kill some more…nigga won’t ease up tonight)
All my niggas best get that cash, until the cash we won’t ease up tonight
Even if he knows we gotta pop ’em for the profit, we drop ’em/ they know they
Gotta die, die, die
(murda mo, kill some more…)
Whoa! so move/ need money, we gotta get money for food on the table for feedin’
The young ones/ we’re stealin’, strugglin’
And thuggin’; bread crumbs inside of dope rocks of dummies and dum-dums/ we
Sittin’ back and purchasin’ and more or
Whether we mobbin’ to stick up a store, finna to get us some dough/ my nigga’s
Desperate/ we ain’t ate shit since yesterday
But we got a guage with plenty shells/ i’m smellin’ money, cash money (money,
Money) first brother we see, we rush him
Buck him, don’t give him a chance to reach all up under his seat/ now, what if
He pull out some heat? shit (shit) then we
Really got to kill him/ ain’t even worth it my nigga; give up the dough/ don’t
Flex/ my nigga don’t try to be no hero
And be glad we only shot you in your legs (your legs) could have been your head/
Now what if that there victim was me
Gettin’ robbed by these niggas that we used to be? i’d be muthafuckin’ dead.
You know what to do; run up on them police/ we never did love them/ muthafucker,
We buck ’em/ we lucky they die
Pull your millimeter, get yours; we bump ’em/ we kill ’em all until we rise/ ya
Feelin’ me? pick up your shit nigga
You niggas is realer than realer, than realer, than realer, than realer/ and
Most of them niggas you rollin’ with, them niggas hoes
And i’m knowin’ this/ pop off the revolution/ nigga, we go when you come/ tryin’
To join us in battle and victory, goin’ out in
History/ this ain’t no mystery/ fuck ’em, let the law end, cuz we simply get the
Raw end/ coffins open; dump ’em all in
We got a gun on the po-po/ when we finished they get trippin’ no more/ get ready
Be one of the show-offs, so my troop has
Got somethin’ to hope for/ when we rumble/ cracker’s collide/ now we lock up
With the enemy/ what that guy did to me is
Crude and rude and don’t give a fuck about rules/ we done nothin’ but schooled/
Been runnin’ the streets too long
We know every corner, cut, and alley/ so when you’re patrollin’ don’t pull over
The wrong caddy/ never knowin’ what’s on
Our minds, our minds/ we’re steadily bustin’ at these po-po for the hardtimes
Money, money, shit don’t be funny when you got no money, money/ bein’ rich is
The shit cuz you live so lovely, lovely
Never have to worry about where you gon’ sleep or be hungry..but that’s only if
You got money…(ooooh, ooh-ooh)
If money makes me richer, than i’ll be a killer, killer (ooooh, ooh-ooh) if
Money makes me richer, than i’ll be a killer…

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