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Master Thesis

Lời Bài Hát Master Thesis

Lời Bài Hát Master Thesis

Cùng LoibaihatAZ chia sẻ Lời Bài Hát Master Thesis:

This is the master thesis, underneath the deepness,

Come to MicClub dot net where you can read this,
Run a plot on the map in hyperspatia,
From the Society for Scientific Exploration,
Color is vibration, vibration is sound,
Sound resonates thru the mouth – check it out,
what I say vibrates no less than 9 ways,
South, South-East, West, South-West, East,
North, North-East, North-West,
And black and white images fade to gray sound waves,
Trap my adversaries like a mouse in a maze,
With a bewildering array of lyrical display,
The best of Bis, orbitally rearranged,
Monoatomic elements with adept intelligence,
The highest professorship, my English etiquette,
Compels me to not say it if I can’t spell it bitch,
My circularized third eye sees all,
Atlantis was surrounded by four seawalls,
I read one-fourth of the Library of Alexandria,
Before it was burnt to the floor,
I wish I could’ve learned more,
About the shapes of the sacred geometry they used to draw,
They were new millennium but Euclidian in form,
Ancient in many ways but not nearly as old,
Carved from Egyptian gold molded in Assyria,
With processed beryllium by the quintillion,
They cooked on symmetrical stoves with my logo,
Etched above the hole where they inserted the coal,
And they barbequed birds to the bone,
And they burned incense in a Buckminster Fuller type dome…
I talked to Mr. Fuller over the phone,
And he said he had a contract to rebuild Rome,
He said he didn’t wanna’ do it alone,
I told’ em I was busy writin’ poems but I’d think about goin’,
The process was slow and the dough was low,
But I took it as the perfect opportunity to grow,
Plus I had never traveled that far from home,
But I heard about the beauty of Cydonian snow,
Neon-green grass,
Statues made from translucent glass,
I’d be crazy to pass,
I like Altarian Jazz, the blue twilight band
That plays tunes from a laser black sax,
It sounds so laid back, it helps me relax,
I bought the album after seeing K-PAX,
Oh how I miss my nautilus,
I was told pharyngoamygdalitis did not exist,
You have a modest case of scaphocephalous,
I’ll prescribe some neo-gothic antibiotics,
With words concocted from the lyrical locksmith,
Deadly as 10 droplets of Ricin Toxin,
From every angle the competition gets boxed in,
As Dr. "C" indoctrinates his doctrine,
Translate the English alphabet to the omega text,
life is now but death is next,
Post bond out on bail from the belly of hell,
Communicate thru diatonic and pentatonic scales,
These darkside tales might affect sales,
I’ll set sail hunt down erect sperm whales,
Use the aphrodisiac to get a female called ginger tie her up and drink her gingerale,
Grand Marnier for me – scotch on the rocks for you,
Your vocab is smaller than a cockatoos,
In the studio with James Lipton reminiscing
About the script that was written before the beginning,
All of a sudden the boos turn to applause,
My jaws stronger than a Kenenday Macaw’s,
Can’t even count the bars I’ve expended so far,
I don’t wanna’ rap no more it’s been sooo long,
I wish the clock would hurry up and tick,
I’m out in the bush and the sticks humpin’ 100 klicks,
Dr. Scholls gave me a good fit,
Me and him went to school together back in 86,
When I was really ill,
Puttin’ Planck energy in a rhyme the size of a tylenol pill,
You wanna’ laugh now? and cast your belligerent doubt?
I show you what poetry’s really about,
The side effects’ll make you pass out
Followed by skin rash itching diarrhea nausea and dry mouth,
You want a time out? you better spit a rhyme out,
Before the community of real MC’s die out,
College Students say to me "You ain’t smart",
Record label A&Rs say "This ain’t art",
These are the contents of the Covenant of the Ark,
Listen to my chest beat tell me this ain’t heart,
You gotta be as obsequious as the disciples of Jesus,
This my Master Thesis

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