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Loosen’ Control

Lời Bài Hát Loosen' Control

Lời Bài Hát Loosen’ Control

Cùng LoibaihatAZ chia sẻ Lời Bài Hát Loosen’ Control:

man you got me goin’ crazy baby
i’m losin’ my mind

chorus butch cassidy snoop dogg

butch cassidy
feels like i’m losin’ control
and i don’t even know
girl you hurt me oh so bad cuz i love you so hey
but it don’t matter now
i’m doin’ better now
whatever you do bitch
will come back to you bitch
heeeeeeey hey
heeeeeeey hey
heeeeeeeeeeeey hey
heeeeeeey hey

snoop dogg
i was in love at times
i was so hurt she made me forget my rhymes

first verse snoop dogg butch cassidy

snoop dogg
now who would ever think that i wanted her home
three kids and a wife never be alone
a dog in the front yard and that picket fence
havin’ somethin’ on the side it didn’t make sense

butch cassidy
i’m a family man sportin’ a wedding band

snoop dogg
i heard them niggas on your pager didn’t give a damn
i gave you eighty percent of all my trust in you
the other twenty was cool cuz we gone make it through

butch cassidy
the homies said she got my mind blew in blew in

snoop dogg
i told that nigga like chris tucker
don’t worry about what the fuck i be doin’
we was makin’ chemistry but who is he
and how this nigga know the deal about you and me

butch cassidy
i fell to my knees and asked the girl why

snoop dogg
she looked at my eyes with no reply
so i cried
i was in love at times
i was so hurt she made me forget my rhymes


second verse snoop dogg

i was in love at times
they say game don’t wait ha warren g
well the game better wait for me
i’m spendin’ my time while i’m writin’ these rhymes
in the hills for real sippin’ wines
girl you’z a dime
got me losin’ my mind
well if lovin’ you is a crime
i’m down to do my time
lock me up and throw away the key
i once told that this was the way love was meant to be
i see you with me forever
we can do things that you never
thought you could’ve
up out the hood uh
is where i took you
never overlooked you
i can’t believe that you shook to another spot
and left me cold now i’m hot
i’m tryin’ to find you what am i to do
i gave you everything that you needed


bridge one snoop dogg butch cassidy

snoop dogg
you know what girl
i was in love with you and you treated me like that
but you know what they say
what goes around comes around

butch cassidy
how could how could you do me wrong
you be messin’ up my songs
now a nigga must move on
gave love and you just straight played on me
had a nigga sick for weeks
now i must begin my streak

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