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Lady Luck

Lời Bài Hát Lady Luck

Lời Bài Hát Lady Luck

Cùng LoibaihatAZ chia sẻ Lời Bài Hát Lady Luck:

Lady Luck 
Here I am on time 
Proppin’ up the bar 
with a glass of wine 
Friday night 
and I’m all spruced up and fine 
I ain’t goin’ nowhere 

Lady Luck 
Why don’t you pull up a chair 
And bring your shine right wisdom 
Darlin’ over here 
Your Gaelic humor 
And your pious smile 
All the cats’ll be laugin’ tonight 

Now you may say it’s a funny old world 
You may say that the game ain’t fair 
Is there a plot or do you improvise 
Or maybe you don’t even care 

Lady Luck 
Ain’t you the fickle kind 
Why are some folks lucky 
While the rest are tryin’ 
You keep on playin’ 
It’s still a mystery 
You’re laced with a touch 
of inconsistancy 

So why don’t you give us all a break 
Make us all rich healthy and fine 
Five months holidays and a four hour week 
And a horse that wins all the time 

Lady Luck 
Hear the mandolins 
Kind of makes you wonder 
How it might have been 
There go all 
The funny place I’ve got 
Back on the street again 

Lady Luck 
Yeah, it’s late I know 
Allow me to buy you one more folderol 
And tell me something 
I’ve been longin’ to hear 
It’s gotta get better next year 

‘Cause I’ve seen some rainy days 
My wedding suits are frayed and torn 
But now the sun comes shining through 
I’ve cried in my beer too long 

Lady Luck, Lady Luck 
Don’t push me over 
When I can’t stand up, oh yeah 
Sure it’s a funny old world 
Sure it’s a funny old world

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