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Lời Bài Hát Jury

Lời Bài Hát Jury

Cùng LoibaihatAZ chia sẻ Lời Bài Hát Jury:

Verse 1:

Yo, we came long ways but we got on
Yo, holdin’ my son’s arm
Make it through the industry calm lord
His name rakim allah
Wid a wavy threw on shallah
Braveheart nigga from start yo
We all scientific instruments
I got put on math
Going through ill consequences
Running from jakes, running in gates
Check out the main face
We gotta gas and erase
Me not the ambitious one
I rather be there throw a word or two in
We here, i know we worth money yo
Just relax start analyzing
‘fore you start adding your sales tax
Took that tool in ooh ’bout to get large
Fuck that fucking wit c rules
Y’all fools, by then 2 rhymes is wrote
Trying to master my flow
Gettin’ diamonds on the low
Splash me a boat

Hook: kim stephens

What i’m gonna be
Is something more than anyone could think of me
Do what you want i’m still gon’ live my destiny
I’ve got one chance to live my life
And as long as i’m alive i will make it

Verse 2:

Hard work a nigga was sold yo
Just trying to take control rock me a roll
Glock be the goal take my time and build
Into the 36 got real people wanna see us
The word steeles, your work reflects your life
Your earth respects you twice
Commodity advice chill wid the ice
That’s when i caught on
Sell these niggas the illusion
And plus live it out on spite
Yo the block is draining and scary
A nigga might die out here
Or be in some jail law library
Unlawful entry a century
Fuck i wanna live in jail?
I’m already in ghetto penitentiary
Talent made me be involuntary to y’all now
I just add on and teach one of y’all
Don’t get exiled caught up in the mix
And loose sight focus burst
And you’re forced to go wild yo,


Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

Verse 3:

Prosperity endangered so many of us
All the bullshit has got away with murder
That’s why we can see who’s real and who’s fake
And who bit off the last nigga tape stole his state
Wake up we running outta plans
The devil inside of him
Tricknology is in one hand
Future’s so far to see
The present’s how will it be
The past don’t even ask just believe
Looking in the dictionary
Trying to spell out hard words
Define ’em and design ’em
I shine and curve
Take this jewel in and conquer me
I blend it in wit ganja
Not for the babies it’s a mind sponsor
From the 17 million god raised
2 million lost slaved
19 million may we all praise
So when we wake up
Let’s straighten up and get it together
For real and keep all getting paper


Do what you want i’m still gon’ live my life

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