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A Minute to Pray and a Second to Die

Lời Bài Hát A Minute to Pray and a Second to Die

Lời Bài Hát A Minute to Pray and a Second to Die

Cùng LoibaihatAZ chia sẻ Lời Bài Hát A Minute to Pray and a Second to Die:

Life goes on in the streets of my hood when you die
but some cry, and gets by, while others choose to wonder why..
his life was took at such an early age
A young nigga who lived in a rage died by the gauge
He used to hustle on the street corners
His mom would always beg him to quit, but he didn’t wanna
As he got older, he got even worse
til a real nigga showed him the purpose of a hearse
A cold night in his hood, he had a tangle
The brother he was squabblin with, had broke his ankle
Laid him out in the driveway
Some people knew he wouldn’t survive, but hey
I ain’t the one to speak up on another’s
All I can do is try to open his eyes and help the brother
He chose the wrong way and that’s the route he took
Born and brought up as an angel but he died as a crook
He had a baby that he couldn’t raise
and she will never see her father again, cause he’s in a grave
I always think about ??
"My daddy was a dopeman, so I’ma be a dope dealer"
How will the family explain it?
"My daughter had a baby for a ‘caine head!"
He ain’t around to see her walk
Dry her eyes when she cries, pick her up when she falls
Just the thought of a kid livin fly fucks me up
when his girl has to raise a BASTARD child
It gets deeper, he used to punch her and beat her
She was loyal to his ass but accused as a cheater
She had a good deck but she picked the wrong card
Had a kid, now she’s realizin life is hard
A big time dope dealer’s all she wanted
who drove a Jag or a Benz so she could flaunt it
The situation’s got me guessin..
but the answer remains to be a question
He lived his life in a lie
I guess you only get a minute to pray, and a second to die


It was crazy how it happened
Some niggaz rolled by in the Riviera cappin
All I could see was a pistol spittin rounds
and the boy was just screamin as he fell to the ground
A woman yelled – get an ambulance
But I knew he was dead, he didn’t stand a chance
You shoulda seen him, he was scared
A bullet goes to his chest, and one to his head
He just laid there in silence..
and all I heard was the sirens
Paramedics pulled up..
followed by a law man and then came a firetruck
Put his ass on the stretcher..
but if he survives, I’m willin to betcha
he’ll be out for revenge
They patched him up within a week he was back at it again
Went to his brother on the Northside
Grab your shit, it’s a hit, we’re gonna take a long ride
Packed it up in the trunk
AK-47, M-11 and a pump
Rolled by ?? on Scott Street
School was lettin out,
"Yo you ain’t gonna shoot yet?" "WATCH ME!"
Opened his trunk and grabbed a shotgun..
.. he shot him
Put his tooly on the front seat
Continued his mission, as he headed down the street
The kids was just starin at each other
J.D. rolled by and smoked black’s brother
Reached in his coat and grabbed a ‘port
Full speed down Reed, shot his mom on the porch
On his way down Cullard
His brother was just dazed in a shock, "Why you do it?"
"Why you shot his moms Jay? Shit"
"Hehehehehe.. hah man fuck that bitch"
Went to the store to use the payphone
Called up Mack, "Aiyyo J.D. homey"
Hung it up and rolled down Dagger
Headin for the nigga he was after
By the time he arrived at the scene
Malcolm was ready for anything
He tried to sneak around the back way
Never thought of bein taken out on that day
Black boy, black coat
Stood around the corner as he passed slit his throat
He didn’t fall so he fired
One to the middle of his skull, he’s expired
A whole army came out
Twenty-seven niggaz all strapped out of one house
That how it happens in the acre
One nigga died in the park in the paper
Shit gets deeper but why?
I guess you only get a minute to pray,
and a second to die

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